Accommodating the disabled

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Accommodating the disabled

Disabilities that are caused by amputations are quite critical.

The severity of the injury in terms of loss of a limb and the costs associated with accommodations make this type of disability extremely significant.

The following regulations are intended to assist when difficulties arise.

They apply in all EBU tournaments, and other Tournament Organisers are encouraged to adopt them to apply in their tournaments. If it is impracticable for these regulations to be followed in whole or in part, the TD is authorised to specify the manner in which the bidding and play shall proceed. Players requiring stationary positions, strong lighting, pre-sorted cards or any other special assistance are requested to notify their needs in advance when entering tournaments, and arrangements will be made for the TDs on site to deal with the practical arrangements. The L&EC has formally given the DIC the authority to modify any regulation if considered appropriate to accommodate a player with a disability.

When these disabled workers return to work, accomplishing the tasks they performed prior to their disability can present a serious challenge.

Meeting this challenge successfully requires that employers provide accommodations at the workplace so that the disabled workers can continue to contribute efficiently to the operation of the enterprise.

October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month, which was created to recognize the contributions and skills of American employees with disabilities.

For many small to midsize businesses, having an employee suddenly become disabled (because of an accident or an illness) can be somewhat daunting if it’s a new experience for the employer.

Design guidelines are provided to make the workplace suitable for the amputees.San Francisco is ground zero for disability advocacy.I’d like to suggest that Uber planners meet with the disability community and hear firsthand how services can be improved.It's just window dressing designed to skirt anti-discrimination laws.Uber must not be allowed to operate in New York City in a discriminatory manner.

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