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If you were marooned on an island with just a single person, who would you like it to be? When was the last time you were bored out of your brains? If you get hold of a time machine, 'when' would you like to go? If you woke up one day and notice that you are invisible, then what will be the first thing you would like to do? What do you like the most about everyone in the room? What's the dumbest thing you ever said or did, around a boy/girl you liked? Which Harry Potter character would you like to be and why?

At its summit, the elevation is 1,686 feet (514 m) MSL and 825 feet (251 m) above the surrounding area.

There is a pull-out vantage point near the falls about 1 mile up the mountain.

Helton Creek Falls - 2 waterfalls, 1 small and 1 large, are located on Helton Creek. You have only .2 mile trail leading from the parking area on Helton Creek Road, to the base of the larger upper falls.

The summit of the mountain can be reached by a walk-up trail on the west side of the mountain or by the Skyride aerial tram.

Stone Mountain is a pluton, a type of igneous intrusion.

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This magma solidified to form granite within the crust five to ten miles below the surface.