Dating a guy with one leg

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Dating a guy with one leg

Josh Sundquist, a motivational speaker and former Paralympian, had a 50 percent chance of surviving cancer when he was just 9 years old.

According to Bored Panda, Sundquist lost his left leg even though he was being treated with chemotherapy.

By the time he turned 13, he was cancer-free, which allowed him to become a ski racer at age 16.

Despite the obstacles Sundquist had to overcome to get where he is today, he always had his sense of humor.

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Having teleported from the bustling city of New York to sunny So Cal, he now sets his sights on expanding the voice of generation Y.

Youll not be frequenting the brothels once youre dead. Ive seen shooting stars before, sir, but I had to give a speech. He says he has gay friends, female friends, straight friends, but has never been attracted to a guy. I asked him if he were 100% straight, and he said yes.(Or at least, your time as an amputee is marginally easier than someone with either a through or above knee.) Not to mention the boss of all leg amputees, the hip disarticulation.You'll have discussed and created an extensive list of characters that they can dress up as, e.g. And you'll probably have noticed that fictional amputees tend to be inherently evil; apparently that extra limb contains morals.

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