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They were producing photochome cards in the 1960’s when they merged with an old Salzburg firm that manufactured promotional material, books, and souvenirs. They also produced hold-to-light transparency cards under the famous Meteor name for which they held a registered design. They developed and utilized the mezzogravure process in their printing.

They expanded to include view-cards of the Middle East and propaganda cards by World War One. The Metz Brothers were early art publishers of Swiss Gruss aus view-cards as black & white, sepia, and tinted collotypes.

The reverse side shows the year of induction and which committee made their selection possible.

Like all 31/2" x 51/2" picture postcards, the back of the card has a blank space for a written message, a postage stamp box, and an area to include an addressee.

The front glossy side is a picture of the actual bronze plaque bust enshrined in the Hall of Fame, highlighting the achievements of each inductee.

In addition to their full name (and sometimes nickname), the teams and career years played are often mentioned.

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This is the original property where the Hotel Geneva was built in 1911-12. Frank Lloyd Wright designed three projects in the Fine Arts Building. See our Wright Study of Browne's Bookstore Nathan G.

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