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Dating guitars by control pots

Below is a chart of the manufacturing codes for potentiometers.The first three digits are the manufacturer’s code. The fourth digit is the year of manufacture and the last two numbers will be the week of manufacture.Inside the pot, there is a circular resistor strip, or “element” that gets wiped by a “sweeper”.Turning the pot changes the position of the sweeper on the resistor strip, allowing you to choose how far the electricity has to travel on the strip until it reaches it’s output.Diamond Series instruments are not available in customized versions, however, Schecter USA Custom Shop guitars may be ordered with custom options.

The first two numerical digits of the serial number (found on the back of the headstock) will tell you what year the instrument was made.

We do not customize or modify our Diamond Series guitars or basses in any way.

Our Diamond Series guitars and basses are only available with the existing and current specifications.

For Schecter to remain close with our artists, endorsements are limited, and we cannot guarantee a response for all submissions.

On the inside of your vintage Fender amplifier there is a paper chart with the tube locations for that particular model. On the tube chart there will be a rubber ink stamp with two letters.

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For example, for serial number 0236758, the "02" indicates that the guitar was made in 2002; for serial number W10052743, the "10" indicates that the guitar was made in 2010.

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