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I must to thank all the users on my forum ( for supporting me and understanding me. If you have an DVD Image on the Hard Drive mount it first with Daemon Tools. Select the files destination, in our case "Demuxed DVD" . But today i've run into this ifoupdate problem "original ifo is not large enough to hold the new pgc" I ve done a search but havent realy found a solution to this. many thx U are trying to tell the ifo file there are more chapters than the ifo file knows of. So I want to paste ONLY menu to authored DVD and get rid of all extras.(VTS 02,03, 04 etc) How should I do this. I have no clue why the avi is different (I guess its actually playing back faster than the VOB? I explained my problem in a bit further detail here ( Oh, and im not sure what the timecode is, but the SRT file is basically homemade, i changed so much in subworkshop.

The best method is to use the plugin from the start - How to backup ARcc OS DVDs ( Regards There is no need to use PGCEdit and its plugin and "wizard" with "Rip Guard" copy protected DVDs that have been produced to date - hence the reason this thread was started and captioned "Distinguishing Rip Guard from ARcc OS, so far..."... The fact is DVD Decrypter can decrypt some ARcc OS DVDs but they have dirty IFOs (and sometimes VOBs - this is where Fix VTS ( VTS) comes in). PCdemux, muxman and Vobblanker will do the job and they are all free tools. So here it is: ******************************************************************** Watch now the MOVIE TUTORIAL ( on How to Add Subtitles to a DVD using DVD-lab PRO ! Right click on the Chapters section (right above the Video section) in the MOVIE 1 zone and go to Chapters-Import Chapters... Use PGCedit to remove whatever U don't need(or other proggies) Use ur fav. Have you tried to rip subs (english) from original VOBS (with Sub Rip) and then to compare them with one you got in SRT format? Hello all, I have just released a brand new guide on how to add subtitles to a DVD. Double click the Sub 1 line and a new window will appear. And the procedure is : Copy the dvd with decrypter in file mode to HD. Thanks in advance for any help Is the movie PAL or NTSC?The wizard eliminates all the crap from a DVD and brings it back to pre-ARcc OS days.As well, the wizard makes it a breeze to decrypt so that any prog such as DVD Rebuilder ( or DVD Shrink will accept it merrily for encoding.

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******************************************************************** DVD Subtitle Guide using DVD-lab PRO ***3 Steps Guide*** This guide brings new things, like support for SRT and SUB subtitles or SSA, SON and SST. STEP 2 - Multiplexing video, audio and subtitles with DVD-lab PRO. Open DVD-lab PRO and on the window that appears select like in the image below, the option "Simple (Movie Only)". In the lower left part of the screen, in the big white section, right click and chose "Import..." and import one by one, your VIDEO file and AUDIO file(s). PNG c.) Right click one by one the each line in the big white section where you just imported the video and audio files, and chose "Insert to Project...". PNG The Video and Audio will be automaticaly inserted on the MOVIE 1 window (right upper part of the screen). A windows will appear, just hit "Proceed" button and the chapters will be imported automaticaly to the movie. recoder(DVDrebuilder and CCE here) When the dvd is finished and fits 4.3Gb(or 8.5 but in this case usually no need of recoding) demux and remux with appropiate subs, use ifoupdate and voil: D (IMHO the best way to recode a.t.m.). Perhaps you should try to check how the timecode is written in (real time or from DF source ).:sly: Well, the movie is NTSC, and the subs are 29.97 fps (according to Subtitle WOrkshop).